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Mini Egg Milkshakes!

March 19, 2012

I’ve finally gotten my blog back together!! I reconfigured old posts and re-uploaded lost photos, so there should be no more holes, hurrah!

How is everyone enjoying this crazy weather?? I had an amazing weekend of ‘Deck Skiing’!

Oh ya. This is the life.

The only bummer is that the warm weather brought the ski season to an early end! So how did we make the most of the last ski weekend of the season?

Why, milkshakes, of course!

Step One: Collect your favourite flavours of ice cream. Chocolate Peanut Butter and Moose Tracks will do just fine!


Step Two: If your boyfriend happened to buy you a retail case of Mini Eggs, you can add a couple bags to the Ice Cream in the blender!


Step Three: Blend up the Ice Cream, Mini Eggs, and a bit of milk. Yum yum!


Step Four: Pour the blended Shake into a giant glass, add extra scoops of ice cream, garnish with Mini Eggs, and enjoy!

Repeat, if desired.



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