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Birthday Treats

March 5, 2012

I apologize from my absence, I’ve had some blogging issues lately that I’ve been trying to figure out! I’ve posted so many photos that I’m running out of space, so I decided to delete some unused photos from my CosiCakes file to make space for future photos of tasty treats! Unfortunately, I deleted a few photos that were a part of my blog, so there are some holes in the blog at the moment, and hopefully I’ll fix that all up ASAP!

So until it’s all fixed please bear with me, and in the meantime here are some delectable photos from the past couple weeks!!


Last weekend I went to my Mom’s house to watch the Oscars. In honour of the Oscars, we decided to have food inspired from nominated films! After much deliberation, we settled on Fried Chicken and Chocolate Pie, in honour of The Help. For those who have seen The Help or read the book, you’ll understand the significance of the chocolate pie… I assure you ours was not based exactly on the pie from the movie. Fried Chicken was not a big part of the book, but in the movie it was the first meal Minny helped Miss Celia Foote make so we decided it was a good choice for our dinner!

Add a dollop of whipped cream and pieces of walnut and chocolate and you have yourself a might delicious chocolate pie!

What a healthy, well-rounded meal. Mmmm!

That chocolate pie opened up the floodgates of sweet treats.

It was my birthday this past weekend, and because everyone is well aware of my love for sweets I was bombarded with the most delicious birthday treats!!

It all started on Thursday night…

Instead of going the route of cupcakes or a birthday cake, Cobi decided to be a little more creative.

His first thought was to make giant – and I mean GIANT – cookies for me. He made Peanut Butter Chocolate cookies and filled them with chocolate chips and Skor pieces. Yum.

But hey, cookies are boring. He needed to go a step further.

So he did.


His next step was to spread Nutella on top of one of the cookies. And of course, that’s STILL not enough, so he then put candy bars (Skor, Caramilk, Aero) on top of the Nutella!


As if that wasn’t enough, he then put a layer of Peanut Butter on top of the Chocolate Bars, then added a second layer of Chocolate Bars, a second layer of Nutella, and topped it all off with the other giant cookie!


It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.


I could literally only manage to eat two or three bites before I had to stop and take a rest. I felt like I had run up 20 flights of stairs. It was delicious, but deadly!

It’s in the freezer, and every now and then I take it out and have a nibble. It’s honestly so good. The mix of Nutella, Peanut Butter, and my favourite Chocolate Bars is simply magical. Cobi is not a baker so I was really impressed with his vision and his result!!


As if that treat wasn’t enough, I went out for dinner Friday night with a bunch of friends to a place called Disgraceland. I’d never been before, but I heard it had Deep Fried Cupcakes so of course I HAD to go!! I had the Big Kahuna Burger (grilled peameal, pineapple, jack, roasted garlic aioli) which was alright – no Burger’s Priest or Holy Chuck, that’s for sure!! Cobi’s meal was way more fun. He went for the “Build Yer Own Poutine” and added perogies, bacon, and onion rings to his cheese-and-gravy-covered french fries. Amazing. Everyone else got similarly interesting and deep fried meals. Nothing was terribly impressive, but it was fun. Next it was time for the Deep Fried Desserts!! We decided to get one of each – Mars Bars, Twinkies, and of course, Cupcakes – and share. I was terribly disappointed in the Deep Fried Cupcake! You wouldn’t have known it was a cupcake, and the taste was pretty whatever. Thankfully, the deep fried Twinkie and deep fried Mars Bars were much better. I didn’t get any photos of the nights festivities, but it’s probably better that way. Deep fried foods never photograph that well… Overall Disgraceland was pretty unimpressive, but it was a fun night, and the Make-Yer-Own-Poutine was pretty awesome!


After that deep fried adventure came even more treats! Saturday, the day of my actual birthday, was spent at Caledon Ski Club competing in the end-of-year Club Championships. It was a really fun day and enjoyed spending it with my ski family, and was surprised with some delicious birthday cupcakes!

The cupcakes were filled with Fruit and White Chocolate, covered in pink icing, and decorated with tons of colourful chocolate disks! Thank you, Robin, for my birthday cupcakes!!


After a full day of racing it was off to my Mom’s for a birthday dinner! It was a fun, quiet night, with my parents, grandparents, and my ‘other’ parents (Cobi’s parents!). The food was delicious, but it was the dessert that I was really excited about!!

Giant Cupcake Cake!!

This is my favourite kind of birthday cake. It’s so fun! The lighting was weird so the photo is a bit off, but it was the cutest cake. Chocolate batter, chocolate icing and sprinkles! And the melty birthday candles added a nice touch of colourful wax to the cake, too.

And that rounded off my birthday treats! I am now the size of a whale, but I am a very happy whale indeed 🙂

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