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Christmas-ing The House

December 9, 2011

Not only was today a serious baking day, but it was also a serious decorating day!!

After we finished making the Chocolate Cherry Cookies but before we iced the Gingerbread Cookies we drove into Bolton to pick up a few things.


This I didn’t buy, but I wish I had. It’s a cupcake tray that makes tree-shaped cupcakes!! These would be really, really fun to decorate. I may have to go back and buy this.


We decorated the house yesterday, and weren’t entirely happy with how it looked. Some spots looked a little bare so we picked up a few things today, like the green sparkly tree!! It added some nice flare to the mantel. Every mantel needs some flare.

I also got some cute things for the apartment, like a christmas door mat and festive dish towels. After we put up some twinkle lights and bring out my Santa and Reindeer pillows the apartment will look very Christmas-y indeed!!


After we got back from our impromptu shopping trip and finished up the Christmas Tree Cookies it was time to decorate the tree! This tree is nothing like the Charlie Brown trees we’ve had in the past. It’s big and thick and you definitely can’t see right through it!!

It’s so big, we didn’t have enough lights and hardly enough decorations!! My San Francisco cupcake ornaments have their places front and centre on the tree. So does the Hamburger ornament. Basically all the delicious ornaments are extremely visible…

It’s been a very festive (and VERY yummy) faux weekend! I’m sad to have to leave the pretty house tomorrow, but at least I have the tools to make the apartment pretty! And I’ll have some delicious treats to enjoy at the end of a busy day!!

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  1. madelaine sumner permalink
    December 12, 2011 1:16 am

    I can’t wait!!!!!!! love, mads

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