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It’s Almost Time For Christmas Baking!!

December 8, 2011

This is going to be the best ‘weekend’ ever!!! I have two whole days off in a row today and tomorrow, so yesterday after work I hopped in my car and drove North to Palgrave for some Christmas festivities!

I keep calling it the weekend. Working in retail has ruined my concept of a week. The weekend is no longer Saturday and Sunday – I always work Saturday and Sunday. My weekend comes whenever I have a few days off, and this week it happens to be a Thursday and Friday, so happy faux-weekend everybody!!

Decorating the house for Christmas is one of my most favourite things. My mom got her tree last weekend, but I forbid her from decorating it or anything else without me. So when I found out I had two days off in a row, I jumped at the chance to head home for some Christmas fun!

Last night we ventured into our scary basement and braved the cobwebs and dark corners to grab all our Christmas trimmings. We put out the Nutcrackers, the garlands and lights, the fireplace advent calendar, and my favourite, the Super Skiing Penguins!! Does anyone else know what Super Skiing Penguins are?? We had them when we were little, and throughout the years we lost pieces and eventually it just wore out. And then two or three years ago we found one at a store and just had to buy it!!


Now I’m enjoying the pretty Christmas things while watching one of my favourite holiday movies, ELF!

Tonight we’re going to see Arthur Christmas, and I can’t wait. It looks really cute.

Then tomorrow my mom and I will start our Christmas baking, yay! We’re going to make our traditional Gingerbread Christmas Tree Cookies, our Chocolate Cherry Cookies, and I think we’re going to try out more Peppermint Whoopie Pies! And after all our yummy baking is done, it’ll be time to decorate the tree!! I won’t have a real-sized tree at the apartment, so I’m really excited to help decorate my mom’s tree.

I’ll be sure to post photos and updates of our decorations and baking!

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