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September 22, 2011

The last part of the trip was the best!! Don’t get me wrong, San Francisco and Los Angeles and San Diego were amazing, but Vegas was the perfect way to end the trip.

We had to get Jim Bob back to the rental car drop-off by 5pm, so we were packed and in the car bright and early. Because we were in a bit of a rush to get on the road we hadn’t had time to grab breakfast. Around 11am we started getting really hungry, and we decided to stop at another In N Out Burger. Last time we went to In N Out was in San Fran, and I wasn’t impressed. The Burger was good but the fries were not. We figured maybe a different location would have better fries!

I got an Animal Style burger again (so good) and we got one order of Animal Style fries and one order of regular fries. The Animal Style fries were covered in onions and cheese and their ‘special sauce.’ They were really good, but it was hard eating more than a few! The fries were definitely better here than they were at the Fisherman’s Wharf location.

Next stop: Vegas!!

We went to our hotel to drop off our bags, and then we dropped off Jim Bob (bye Jim Bob!!). We were staying at the Trump which was on one end of the strip, so we took a cab to the Mandalay Bay hotel which was at the opposite end and spent the rest of the day walking along Las Vegas Blvd back to our hotel. It should have been about a half hour walk, but we stopped in almost every casino and hotel and it took us 6 hours to walk back!



Walking through Mandalay Bay we saw this cool wine rack thing. Apparently the staff repel down the side to grab the right bottle! Unfortunately we didn’t see it happen, but it’s a cool idea!


Next we walked past a bar called Minus 5 Degrees where the servers were wearing bikinis and fur boots and hats. The girls weren’t what caught my attention, though. It was the giant frozen drinks!! Cobi and I haven’t had a single drink on this trip, so we figured we’d go big. 50 ounces of blue frozen cocktail. It was perfect for walking through the 40 degree Las Vegas weather!


The hotels are all ridiculous. You can visit Egypt, New York, Venice or Paris, all within a few steps of each other. Our hotel didn’t have a casino attached to it which was nice because it meant it was quiet, but it was fun walking through all the other hotel casinos!



Our wandering eventually led us to the Bellagio. We’d heard reviews that the Bellagio “screams class”… which is funny considering it’s one of the more crazy, ridiculous, over-the-top hotels and casinos!



Just look at the ceiling!

The Bellagio had lots of yummy things for us to look at.

Chocolate fountains:



Fancy cakes:

And of course, the famous buffets!

It was $60 for the two of us to get in and eat whatever we wanted. We started with a few plates of dinner, and then moved on to the fun part. The plan was to pick up some desserts and some fruit, but there was no room left on our plates for the fruit! Overall the dinner and desserts were nothing special, but the chocolate eclairs and creme brulee were pretty awesome. It was definitely an experience to try a Las Vegas buffet, especially the one at the Bellagio!


After we’d stuffed our faces we needed to walk around some more to get rid of the insane fullness. While we were waiting for the next Bellagio Fountain show we took in the view.

Ahhh, there’s nothing like Paris in the fall!

The fountain show was really, really cool. I was too caught up in it to take photos, but I’m sure the photos wouldn’t do it justice. The show we watched was to Por Ti Volare (which always reminds me of Step Brothers!), and every 15 minutes there was a different show to a different song. Very cool.



Next we went to the Sugar Factory! When we were in LA at IT’SUGAR the cashier suggested we go here once we get to Vegas.


There were huge buckets of all different candies (from which they were handing out free samples of whatever you wanted) and giant glitter desserts! Cupcakes, cake, candy. All glitter, all giant.

Gotta love Vegas, everything is giant and glittered.

These things were cool. It was like they’d cut all the cupcakes in half, using only the bottoms with icing sandwiched in between. Fun twist on a traditional cupcake!

We continued wandering the strip, going in and out of casinos and checking out all the pools, trying to decide where we wanted to lounge the next day. Pretty solid first day in Nevada!

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