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Sunshine, San Diego & Sweets

September 22, 2011

LA was awesome, but it was time to head south to San Diego.

We woke up early, packed our bags, hopped in Jim Bob and hit the road. We decided last minute that we wanted to go back to the Nickel Diner for breakfast, as the dinner we had there was so good!

I got pancakes (I’m not very creative when it comes to breakfast) and Cobi had Huevos Rancheros. They were both delicious and filled us right up, but that didn’t stop us from having a treat…

Dessert for Breakfast at it’s finest!! Guy from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (Triple D) tried the Maple Glazed Bacon Donut when he came, so we had to try that too. We also tried the Strawberry Cobbler donut, which our waitress suggested to us. They also had Nutella, Red Velvet and Irish Car Bomb donuts!

The Bacon donut was good (sweet and salty, yum) but the Strawberry Cobbler was incredible!! I’d come back to LA just to have another Strawberry Cobbler Donut. Oh man, so tasty.

After our well-rounded breakfast we continued on our way. The drive was quick, about 2 hours. While we were driving I looked up the best Cupcakes in San Diego and Las Vegas. I found out that there was a Sprinkles Cupcakes right on the way to our hotel!

For those of you who are less obsessed with cupcakes than I am, Sprinkles Cupcakes was the very first cupcake shop. I figured we had to stop by as it’s cupcake history!!


We got Vanilla, Chocolate Marshmallow, Carrot, and Black & White. The Vanilla was super dense and really sweet, not my thing. But Cobi really liked it! The Marshmallow Cream was more my style, as it was a chocolate cupcake with a marshmallow centre glazed with a chocolate ganache. Yummy. The Carrot was good, but Kara’s Carrot was better. And the Black & White was very good!! Of all the cupcakes we’ve tried on this trip, Kara’s Ghirardelli Chocolate and Carrot are still our favourite. The Crumbs Black Bottom Cheesecake was the next best, and the Brownie and Milkshake were amazing as well. Sprinkles’ Black & White was good, but I wasn’t overly impressed. I’d say we did some solid cupcake research while exploring the West Coast!

After our cupcake adventure we got to the hotel to drop off our bags. Our hotel was really cool. It was right on the water, with a cool view of all the boats, and the entire building was nautical themed. Awesome. But again, no wifi. Silly hotels.


Zoo time!!!

It was so cool. The layout was amazing, there were trees everywhere and the different cages were integrated in the plants and rocks so well that you hardly realized you were walking through a zoo in the middle of a city!

I like this guy, he looks so happy!



We hopped on the gondola which went across the top of the zoo which was cool!

When we were through looking at the hippos, rhino, lions and tigers and bears we went to grab some dinner. We hit another Triple D suggestion, a place on the beach called Hodad’s.

It was a cool little place, with license plates floor to ceiling covering all the walls. One of the plates was 001 BYF. That’s an old plate!


On the Triple D Hodad’s episode it showed some pretty awesome looking shakes, so we got one chocolate and one vanilla, both malts (we’d never tried malted milkshakes before!) I’m more of a chocolate fan than vanilla, and the chocolate was good and all, but the vanilla was amaaaaaazing! I tried switching with Cobs but he wasn’t letting that shake go. He was nice enough to let me have some, though.


While we were enjoying our shakes the burgers came, and they were HUGE! Most of the hugeness came from thick slices of tomato and onion, but it was a really, really good burger.

Overall it was a very good (and delicious) day in San Diego!

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