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September 20, 2011

Day 1

We woke up the next morning feeling a little gross after all the sugar we had the day before, but that didn’t slow us down. We decided to counteract all the sugar with some exercise, and went to the hotel gym to run. The treadmills were awesome. You could plug your iPod into the machine to listen to your music and track your workout, and you could pick a variety of different routes and workouts. Good incentive to come back and run more!

After a long run we went back to our room to get ready for the day.

Fun Fact: We were staying in the LA Westin, which was used in the filming of tons of different movies. Remember the scene in True Lies where Arnold is on a horse chasing the bad guy and they get on those cool round elevators that are on the outside of the building? Those were our elevators! There were little tidbits of info all over the hotel, saying what was used in which movie. Very cool.


The first stop of Day 1 in LA was for breakfast. We were told to go to The Original Pantry, so that’s where we went. The line to get in was huge, but we got in quickly by choosing to sit at the bar instead of a booth or table. We liked the bar better, because we could watch the kitchen which was in a constant flurry.

This was Cobi’s feast. Steak and eggs, sourdough toast, gravy, hash browns and orange juice. Yum yum.


I of course had pancakes. Each one was about a foot wide and were insanely dense. They were amazing but I couldn’t get very far…


After breakfast we took the subway to Hollywood to wander around. We started at Universal Studios, but were too poor to actually tour the studio so we walked around the stores outside of the studio.

There was SO much candy!

The popcorn store (Popcornopolis) had all different flavours of popcorn, including caramel, almond, chocolate and cupcake. The bags of Cupcake Popcorn weighed a ton compared to the others. We think the popcorn was doused in icing and covered in sprinkles… Potentially gross, potentially awesome. I wasn’t about to drop $40 on a bag of popcorn, though.


Next we went to a candy store called IT’SUGAR.


Cobi Druxerman, keeping it classy since ’84.

I’m a lucky girl.


Cupcake flavored toothpaste!! They also had cupcake dental floss, toothpicks, soap, everything! All the products also came in bacon or pickle flavour, if cupcakes aren’t your thing.


Next we decided to head to Hollywood Boulevard to see the Walk of Fame. We saw Mickey Mouse, Madonna, and lots of other stars on the Walk, but then we saw the most amazing thing of all…



These cupcakes were nuts. They were MASSIVE and had the craziest flavours! We went with Black Bottom Cheesecake, Chocolate Brownie, Milkshake and Peanut Butter Chocolate. We were too full from our huge breakfast and candy lunch, so we held off on trying the cupcakes.

We wandered around a bit more, then went back to the hotel and fell asleep.

We really are a couple of party animals.

After we dragged our lazy bums out of bed we decided it was dinner time.


We decided to go to The Nickel Diner, which we’d seen on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives. On the show Guy ate a glazed donut dipped in bacon, and we wanted to try one for dessert.

But then we saw this…


While we were eating our dinner the people at the table next to us ordered this cake. It looked amazing, so we asked what it was. A S’mores cake, of course! It was a tough decision, but we picked the cake over the donut. They brought it to the table with a blow torch, and toasted the marshmallow frosting.


It was really, really good. You can’t really tell from the photo but the slice was insanely massive. Between the two of us we got pretty far, but weren’t able to finish it. The chocolate was so rich and the marshmallow so sweet that it got tough to finish it off! Definitely one of the better S’more things we’ve had on this trip!


On our walk back to the hotel we came across a movie in the park. Apparently they do it every Friday night. Very cool. We found a spot on a nearby wall and watched for a bit. Ten points if you can name the movie!


Day 2

Our second day in LA started off as delicious as the first. Our concierge suggested a place called Bottega Louie for breakfast, so off we went. It was a really cool place. It had a big, bright dining area and a bakery section in the front with macarons, tarts and lots of other tasty treats!


Cobi got huevos rancheros and I got a Belgian waffle! My breakfast had so many different parts to it, fruit and clotted cream and butter and syrup! Cobi felt so left out with his boring loser breakfast that he ordered some hash browns so his breakfast had more parts like mine.


After breakfast we went back to the bakery section to take a better look at all the amazing pastries. They had these fruity tarts (the ones on the right) that were an awesome purple colour. If I wasn’t so full of waffles I would have considered trying one!

They also had some cupcakes, but they were more fancy than fun. I like fun. Plus, we had four Crumb cupcakes waiting for us in the hotel!! And they were definitely fun!



After breakfast we hopped in Jim Bob and drove over to Rodeo Drive. It was cool to walk up and down the street, but we felt waaaay underdressed in our shorts and tshirts!



We came across another Crumbs location and went in to see if the flavours were the same. Cotton Candy and Cosmo Cupcakes!!! We didn’t buy them, but man they looked yummy.

We walked up one side of the road and back down the other, stopping in a store here and a store there. Man, some people have a lot of money and spend it on ridiculous things!! Although, one can never have too many pairs of Chanel flats. And that’s a fact.


After our tour through FancyLand we came back to the hotel before dinner. We picked another Diners Drive-Ins and Dives location for dinner, called The Oinkster.


Cobi got a pulled pork sandwich, and I got a pastrami sandwich and a chocolate milkshake. The sandwiches were amazing and the shake was extra thick and chocolatey. Yumyum!

After dinner we went back to the hotel to try some cupcakes! We tried just a bite of each, but even just a bite was ridiculous. They were so rich and sweet and massive! The Black Bottom Cheesecake was the best, but the Chocolate Brownie and Milkshake were close behind. The Peanut Butter Chocolate was unimpressive, really dry and not peanut buttery enough. The other three were completely awesome, though. Kara’s Ghirardelli Chocolate cupcake and Carrot cupcake might still be my favorite, but the Crumbs Cupcakes were better than the other Kara’s.

And that was our delicious LA adventure!! Stay tuned for San Diego and Las Vegas updates!

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  1. CdnFarmgirl permalink
    September 21, 2011 7:49 am

    Awesome travelogue! Okay, the movie was either Saturday Night Fever or Staying Alive šŸ˜€

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