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Sweet Road Trip

September 19, 2011


Thank you, Donald, for providing your lovely guests with free wifi! It’s slow as a snail but I’m trucking through, and hopefully I’ll have everything updated asap!

Last time I posted it was our last full day in San Francisco. The next morning we were up early, packed our bags, said goodbye to Mary, and were on our way. Our first stop was the Sweet Stop, the funny little bakery in the back of a grocery store in Japantown that apparently sells the most amazing Coffee Crunch Cake. We tried picking up some slices the day before but they had sold out before we got there, so we reserved a few slices for the next day to be sure we got some!


The slices were huuuuuge!! We decided to share a slice right away as we figured it wouldn’t taste as good after sitting in the car while we went to Alcatraz…

It was amazing. Layers of angel food cake and whipped cream and coffee crunch bits that were similar to the inside of a Crunch Candy Bar. So good. Best breakfast ever.

After the cake we decided we should have something else seeing as we wouldn’t be done the tour til after 2:30pm.


We went to ‘Melt’ which was an all grilled cheese place. We got the Italian Job, which was provolone cheese and bacon on garlic sourdough. It was really, really good. It came with soup and chips which were not good at all, but the sandwich was awesome.



Alcatraz time!! It was really cool, definitely glad we managed to do a tour before we left.

After Alcatraz we decided to go back to Kara’s Cupcakes to pick up some road trip snacks! We got a little distracted on the way…


Awww he’s like a kid in a candy store!

This candy store was massive, and full of every kind of candy and chocolate you could imagine. I wanted to buy everything, but the plan was to buy more cupcakes for the road so I held off. I’m so strong.


S’mores seem to be hugely popular in the US right now. There are s’more kits, s’more cupcakes, s’more jellybeans, s’more sundaes, s’more everything!

Eventually we made it back to Kara’s and bought six more cupcakes to enjoy on the six hour drive south to LA. A cupcake an hour!! There were new flavours that weren’t there the last time, so it was a great reason to buy more. We got Cookies n’ Creme, Chocolate Velvet, S’more, Sweet Vanilla, Fleur de Sel, and Ghirardelli Chocolate (which we’d already tried but it was SO GOOD we wanted another).

Finally we hopped in the rental car (Jim Bob) and started the journey south.


We drove along the coast for the first part of the drive and stopped at the Gorilla Barbeque for a late lunch/early dinner. It was literally a train car in the middle of nowhere. We’d heard about on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives and wanted to try it out!



The meal was massive. We each got the brisket, which came with a side of potato salad, baked beans, mac and cheese and corn bread. It’s hard to tell just how big the take out container is from the photo, but we could have easily shared one instead of getting one each!! It was really good though, even if we had a lot of leftovers.

After we’d had time to digest our roadside BBQ, we had a cupcake break. I reached into the back seat to grab the cupcakes and opened the box… And a bunch had melted!! The Chocolate Velvet was a mess, the light creamy frosting had fallen right off the cupcake and was a puddle of chocolate. We ate it fondue-style, dipping the cupcake into the icing. It was yummy, but the Ghirardelli chocolate frosting can’t be beat. The Cookies N’ Cream was also totally mangled, so we ate that one in the same way. It was one of my favourites! Both the batter and frosting were really light and fluffy, totally my style. Cobi wasn’t a huge fan as he prefers the thicker icing… Cupcake judging is so subjective!

But really, I’m the expert here.


After a few more hours of driving we whipped out the S’more cupcake. It looked really cool, I loved the toasted marshmallow frosting!



The base of the cupcake was graham cracker, the rest was chocolate, and it was topped with a toasted marshmallow frosting. Kara, I was very disappointed with your s’more cupcake. The marshmallow frosting was awesome and the chocolate batter was really good, but your graham cracker crumb base needs work. It was too crumbly and dry, it needed some butter and/or brown sugar to keep it together and add moisture. I can honestly say that my S’more cupcakes are better!


We stopped to fill Jim Bob up with gas and we decided to pick up some RedBull for Cobi. While we were perusing the gas station store we came across Redvines and Grapevines. I’d never tried them before, but apparently Cobi loves Redvines so we picked some up, and we grabbed the Grapevines to try as well.

So. Much. Sugar.

A few hundred miles later and we needed another sugar kick. We went for the Sweet Vanilla this time. It was most definitely sweet!! A little too sweet for me, and it had a weird aftertaste that I think was because of the sprinkles… Not my favourite.


Next we tried the Fleur de Sel. I was excited about this one as it was filled with caramel and I love salted caramel! After taking a bite, though, I wasn’t impressed. There was WAY too much salt and it ruined the rest of the flavors. Good thing we saved the Ghirardelli Chocolate for last. Mmmm definitely a good note to end on.

After a giant piece of cake, a grilled cheese sandwich, roadside BBQ, six cupcakes, Redvines and Grapevines, we finally made it to Los Angeles! What should we do?? Find a cool pub to hang out at? Maybe. Walk around and see what’s near? Possibly. Pass out as soon as we got up to the hotel room? Definitely.

Oh well, the fun began once we woke up…

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