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Sightseeing & Kara’s Cupcakes

September 13, 2011

Today may have been more tame food-wise than yesterday, but it was certainly not boring!!!

After the Science Museum and a quick lunch, Mary and I drove across the Golden Gate Bridge and went to a lookout point to take some photos.


Hmmm. Not a bad place to live, I’d say.


After we’d had enough touristing we went to Marin to go for a walk.

We took this path:

Walked and walked and walked…




Until we reached this:


It was a pretty spectacular beach. And I like to think all my walking tooootally balanced out the buffet of deliciousness I ate yesterday…

But, just in case I walked TOO much today, I had some cupcakes. You know, for good measure.

First we had the Chocolate Peanut Butter. The icing was so thick and fudgy, definitely my kind of frosting. Yes, there was too much frosting for my taste, but I have to say I’m a huge fan if thick, fudge chocolate frosting. The Vanilla with Chocolate frosting was really good as well. Kara really knows how to make a chocolate frosting!! Considering they’d been sitting out since Saturday they stayed pretty fresh! They were a little dry today, but still delicious.

Of all the cupcakes we got at Kara’s and SusieCakes, Kara’s was definitely my favorite. Particularly the Chocolate Cupcake and the Carrot Cupcake. They were SO good!

I’m thinking we’ll have to stop by Kara’s once more before we head out to LA to buy some cupcakes for the road…

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