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Animal-Themed Food

September 12, 2011

This morning I decided to go to the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. It was really cool, full of alligators and snakes and a big rainforest and planetarium show.

I started in the rainforest, looking at a HUGE anaconda, lots of frogs and butterflies and a few cool birds.

Look at the pretty frog! He’s a painted mantella from Madagascar. He’s not in the display by himself. He has lots of other mantellas to play with, as well as another friend…


The froggies are in there with a Madagascar tree boa.

Wait a second, what does that say there at the bottom? Under diet?

Frogs…. Hmmm…

Poor little mantellas.



This little guy made me laugh. I didn’t really understand what this was at first.



It’s another little froggy having a snooze!

(pardon the bent over woman…)


After the rainforest I went to look at all the fishies.


These guys were cool. And there was nothing else in their tank that would eat them… So that was nice.




Hah this alligator is more pale than I am!!

Poor albino animals. They had lots of albino snakes and gators there, as they generally don’t survive long in the wild.

Everyone is always picking on the pale kid.


See the little turtles? That’s what Cobi and I looked like before we came to California.

See the big turtle? That’s what we’ll look like when we get back home…



Ooh look! Lollipo… OH MY GOD SCORPIONS!!!



Pfft scorpion isn’t even the first ingredient! What a ripoff.

After I made my way through all of the sections I walked out through the Golden Gate Park and back to the house. I was absolutely famished after my trek home so I tried some of the Carrot Cupcake from Kara’s. It was so good. Full of delicious spices and walnuts, and still incredibly moist considering they’re a couple days old! Our gracious host tried the Sweet Vanilla cupcake last night, and said it was really good, and definitely sweet!

We only have Chocolate Peanut Butter and Vanilla with Chocolate frosting left! Those will probably be gone by tonight.

Now it’s time to go for a hike to work up an appetite for whatever it is we’ll be eating tonight!!

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