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Soufflé Pancakes, Berkeley, Steep Roads and More Cupcakes!

September 11, 2011

Today started out GREAT!

We wanted to get an early start as we’d heard that Bette’s Oceanview Diner has insane lineups for breakfast, and we also wanted to leave enough time to do a tour of Berkeley before having to get Cobi to day 1 of his tech conference, Tech Crunch Disrupt (NerdFest 2011 as I call it). Since we’re not used to the time difference yet, waking up at 6:45am was no problem.

We hopped in the rental car (JimBob) and drove up to Berkeley. We got to Bette’s before 8am, and were seated right away.

It was relatively quiet when we first arrived, probably because it we 8am on a Sunday morning, but as we had our breakfast it started getting pretty crowded.

And now I know why…

First of all, the building itself was adorable. There was a big old school jukebox in the corner, giant pancakes on the wall, pie hanging from the ceiling, old black and white photos everywhere… It was a really cool little place.


Oh, and the soufflé pancakes were amazing!!!

I got Chocolate Strawberry and Cobi got Apple Brandy. Both were awesome, but we agreed that the chocolate was an excellent addition. There was also a Banana Rum soufflé pancake that would have been good, especially if we got it with chocolate!

They were unbelievably fluffy. I need to get a recipe for soufflé pancakes!! It’s the ultimate dessert for breakfast!!



Try as we might, we weren’t able to finish them. I wish I’d had more space in my stomach, it was sad to leave leftovers.


After the delicious start to the day we went over to UC Berkeley. Cobi loves Berkeley and wants to do his MBA there next fall, so I wanted to see the place I’d have to go to visit him. And I have to say, it’s not all bad… Anything that close to Bette’s is alright by me!

After we did a bit of a Tour de Berkeley we stopped at Caffe Strada for some green tea (me) and cappuccino (Cobi). It was a cute little cafe, full of studying students and too-fit field hockey girls. Looked like they needed a cupcake. We sat talking about important world issues (In N Out or Sushi for dinner?) then made our way back to the house.

We took a detour to see one of the steepest roads in the world, Lombard St. It was ridiculous. It switched back and forth all the way down. The funny thing is, it is basically just a tourist attraction now. You don’t take that section of Lombard to get anywhere, just to give it a try. Unless you’re one of the lucky (crazy) people who lives on that section…


I tried taking a photo, but it just didn’t do it justice. So I found this one online. It still hardly shows just how steep it really is.


Hopefully everyone in San Fran has good brakes…


I spy Alcatraz! I keep calling it Azkaban…
We’re doing a tour on Thursday before we make our way down to LA! We wanted to do a night tour, but they’re all booked up til past November 😦

Ooh so we tried more cupcakes!!


Last night just after I finished writing the post we cut up the two SusieCakes cupcakes (Mint Chocolate and Red Velvet).

They were definitely bigger than Kara’s Cupcakes, but weren’t as awesome. The cupcakes weren’t as moist and the frosting wasn’t as good. They were definitely tasty, but Kara is still my number 1 San Fran cupcake girl!!


After we’d finished our tour of Berkeley and steep roads we came back to the house and Cobi got ready for his first day of NerdFest. While he was primping I cut up a Caramel Banana Kara’s Cupcake. Even though we had bought them yesterday it was still super moist and fresh. I like banana and caramel, but I wasn’t a huge fan of this cupcake. It was good, but wasn’t my favourite.

I’m excited to eat the rest of the Kara’s Cupcakes! We still have Carrot, Sweet Vanilla, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Vanilla with Chocolate frosting!! I think we’ll have to eat the rest of them today as they won’t be as good tomorrow 😉

While Cobi is Tech Crunching it up I need to find something to do for a couple hours… Sun is out, beach? Hike? Nap? Perhaps I’ll hike to the beach and take a nap!!

Stay tuned, more delicious updates to come!

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