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Topsy Turvy Inspiration

August 29, 2011

While searching online for apartments today I got a little antsy and bored. There’s only so many 400 sq ft apartments a girl can look at before getting a little blue.

So, to raise my spirits I did one of my most favourite things ever: Looking at photos of cupcakes!!

Today was an okay day for cupcake photos. I came across a few things that gave me inspiration for future cupcakes, but nothing really stood out.



How awesome are these?!?!

It’s a cupcake… topped with a mini cupcake… topped with a Mini Reese cup with icing.

What’s better than one cupcake? THREE CUPCAKES IN ONE!!!

That, my friends, is perfection.

I cannot wait to make these!! Although, I think I’m going to take it one step further… I wonder how unstable it would be to make a big cupcake, top it with a regular cupcake, then top that with a mini cupcake? And of course the Mini Reese to round it all off!

Well, only one way to find out!!!

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