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Why I Love McEwan’s

August 26, 2011

Has anyone been to McEwan’s lately? It’s magic. It has all those crazy and unique things that you can’t find at a regular grocery store. Every time I come across a recipe that calls for something odd, I always know McEwan’s is the place to go to find it.

Today Boyfriend and I stopped by to pick up liquid smoke for the brisket we’re slow-cooking to make some seriously delicious sandwiches, and I came across some yummy things!!



Peanut Butter blended with Rich Dark Chocolate!! I’ve never seen such a thing!! What could be better?!



I’ll tell you what could be better, Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter could be better!!! Oh my gosh this looks so good. Nothing could top this.



Spoke too soon.

White Chocolate Peanut Butter?! Now we’re just getting silly. I want this. More than anything.

Really I wanted to buy all three and try each out, but I didn’t have $30 to spend on Peanut Butter…


I DID, however, decide to spend big bucks on some baking chocolate! Am I the only one who struggles to find bittersweet chocolate?! Am I forced to forever fork over my hard-earned cash to the high prices at McEwan’s? LOVE the store, but can’t quite afford it. So hopefully I’m able to find a cheaper option… Perhaps I’ll stock up when I go to Ghirardelli Square in three weeks!!


I also bought some white chocolate to give that a test too! I think I’m going to switch from a spiced cream cheese frosting to a white chocolate cream cheese frosting for the Carrot Cupcakes!


Oh, McEwan’s also sells individual sized ice cream cups in all different flavours… The BIGGEST individual sized cups I’ve ever seen…

Man I love this store.

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