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Oreo, Hostess, Lemon Blueberry & Glazed Donut – Finished!

August 24, 2011

Oh man this week’s cupcakes are good. They’ll almost make you forget the rain!!


I love how the Homemade Hostesses turned out. They look just like the real thing!

There is one difference, though. The cake tastes just like the real Hostess cupcakes, but the filling and ganache are waaaaay better! If you loved having these as a kid or still love eating them now, you should stop by and give mine a try!


Next I finished glazing the Donut Cupcakes. They smell amazing. I want nothing more than to grab a giant glass of milk, hunker down on the couch with a big blanket and enjoy a Glazed Donut Cupcake. I can’t do this, however, but YOU can! So stop on by this afternoon and pick up some tasty donuts!


I had another Moron Moment today while icing the Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes. I don’t know why I keep doing this, but apparently I LOVE to ice cupcakes on top of a hot stove or burner. They looked beautiful when I’d finished the piping, but then I turned around to clean up some bowls and when I turned back the icing had gotten all soft! I threw them in the fridge right away and luckily the icing hardened up again and they looked fine. Phew! Note to self: STOP ICING THE CUPCAKES ON THE STOVE! Or, if you’re going to ice the cupcakes on the stove, make sure the burners are off! Yeesh.


In spite of my teensy mess-up, the cupcakes turned out really well! I made up a light buttercream and filled it with lemon zest and fresh wild blueberries. I went a little crazy with the blueberry garnish, but I’m the boss here and I LOVE blueberries so each cupcake is topped with a handful of them!


Last came the Oreo Cupcakes, which turned out perfectly. I made a whipped cream frosting filled with Oreo cookie pieces, and decorated the top with more Oreo pieces! It’s so light and fluffy and works really well with the thick chocolate Oreo batter.

If you’re feeling the rainy day blues today, come by the Inglewood Market for fresh fruits, veggies, and of course cupcakes!!

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