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Hi-Hats, Cheesecake, French Toast & Chocolate Jam

August 17, 2011

What a beauty day out. PERFECT for a cupcake run to Inglewood!

I started the day off by icing the French Toast Cupcakes.


Mmmm looks like a breakfast food to me!

I added lots of pure maple syrup and cinnamon to the frosting and it works really nicely with the batter.


Next came the Chocolate Jam Cupcakes.

I’m a big fan of these ones. I love the thick chocolate frosting mixed with the fruity strawberry jam filling!

I also added a melted chocolate drizzle on top for good measure… You can never have too much chocolate.


Figured I’d throw in another photo of the Cherry Cheesecake Brownie Cupcakes so you don’t forget how awesome they are…


So I’ve come to the realization that Hi-Hat’s are my new favourite cupcake!!

They took a really long time to make, but it was totally worth it. They are sooooooo good.

I started with a chocolate batter. I’ve been experimenting a lot with chocolate batters, trying to find the best one. I thought the Devil’s Food Chocolate was the best, but I’m thinking the batter I put together for the Hi-Hats has taken the lead!!

Once the cupcakes were baked and cooled I whipped up the meringue… Literally.

I had no electric mixer available to me so I whipped and whipped and whipped for about 20 minutes at top speed.

After what seemed like forever the meringue finally began to thicken, and I transferred it into a piping bag. It was difficult to pipe on the meringue. I didn’t want a large piping tip as the meringue couldn’t be too thick and heavy otherwise it’d sink, but using a smaller piping tip made the icing look a bit messier than I’d hoped.

Oh well, they’re about to get dipped in chocolate!

Beautiful!! Don’t they look like chocolate dipped cones??


I was worried that the warm melted chocolate would melt the meringue, but everything held up really well.


My mom really wanted to try one, so I found the Hi-Hat with the teeniest ‘hat’ and allowed her to have it. It worked well for me because then I was able to cut it in half to show the inside!

I’m thinking next time I’m going to do a second dip in the melted chocolate after the first layer has set so there’s an extra thick chocolatey layer!

You really should come out this week just to try these. The other three flavours are really good too, but the Hi-Hats are little heavenly cakes.

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