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Inglewood Market Week 8 Ideas – DECIDED!

August 15, 2011

I think I’ve finally decided what flavours to do for the market this week. I keep flipping back and forth between a few ideas, but I figure whatever I don’t do this week I’ll just do next week!



Thanks to all you email, blog and Facebook voters, I’ve come to the decision that Cherry Cheesecake Brownie Cupcakes will be made this week. It was a close vote in the end, so perhaps I’ll have to make the Red Velvet Brownie Cheesecake and Classic Cheesecake Cupcakes another time! I’m still working on exactly how I will be making these cupcakes, because they need to be awesome. They definitely won’t be like typical cupcakes as they’ll be thick and rich, similar to my Peanut Butter Brownie cupcakes. I figure as long as it’s baked in a cupcake liner and tray, it’s a cupcake.


Now let’s talk about how awesome Dairy Queen is. I grew up with Chocolate Dipped Cones and Dilly Bars and graduated into Chocolate Xtreme Blizzards (with extra brownies). I’d love to do a DQ cupcake, but I imagine using ice cream in a cupcake and expecting it not to melt while standing outside in the sun at a market is a bit much to ask for… So instead, I’m thinking of making a DQ inspired cupcake! Instead of a Chocolate Dipped Cone, I’m going to do a Chocolate Dipped Cupcake, otherwise known as a Hi-Hat. I’ll make a delicious chocolatey cupcake, top it with fluffy white icing and dip it into melted chocolate. Yummm. I’ll have to make sure my coolers are extra cold on Wednesday so these cupcakes keep their shape! And fingers crossed the tall icing fits in the cupcake boxes!!


This next idea I was a little wary about. I love my Dessert-For-Breakfast themes and I wanted to try a French Toast cupcake, so I was thinking of doing a Cinnamon French Toast batter and topping it with a Maple icing. My only worry was that they would taste too much like the Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes or Chocolate Chip Pancake Cupcakes… But I figured if I played around with the ingredients and flavours a bit I’ll definitely be able to make a distinct French Toast flavour!


This last idea I’m really excited about. Last week I made the PB&J Cupcakes, and I really liked the fruity freshness that the jam added to the cupcakes. I’ve also talked about wanting to do some sort of Nutella and Jam cupcakes, and after some final inspiration at Jen and Adam’s wedding Saturday night where we got some of Jen’s mom’s AMAZING jam as wedding favours, my mind was made up! I’m thinking of a chocolate cupcake with a jam centre and a fudgey chocolate frosting. Now, I can’t promise I will use Mrs. V’s Strawberry Pineapple jam because it’s too good and I’m not sure if I’m willing to share… But I bet that whatever jam I end up using will make for really good Chocolate Jam Cupcakes!

See you all on Wednesday!

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  1. Harold permalink
    August 15, 2011 1:22 pm

    You Rock Cosi, I can’t wait till Wednesday!

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