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PB&J, Apples, Shirley Temples and Chocolate!

August 10, 2011

Wow, today was QUITE the day!!

I started writing this post around noon while I was waiting for my chocolate ganache to set, and then all of a sudden it was 2:00pm and the ganache still hadn’t set to what I’d wanted and I was rushing to get all my stuff together and head over to Inglewood and I wasn’t able to finish writing the post!! It was a stressful and busy day, but I managed to get everything done.

I had a really fun time icing the cupcakes this week, and I think they look pretty good.

I started with the Shirley Temple icing because I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to do it, and wanted to try out a few things. I ended up going with a meringue icing filled with lime zest, Grenadine and Sprite, and I’m really happy with it! They’re pink and pretty, offset with the green lime zest, and they taste just like a Shirley Temple!!

(No matter how many photos I take of these cupcakes in all different light, they always come out shiny… Weirdest thing ever)


Next I iced the Apple Cinnamon cupcake. I thought it’d be fun to ice the Apple Cinnamon cupcakes to look like Apples!!

Aren’t they cute?? And they fool me into thinking that they’re healthy because of the apple, so I eat more and more.


Next I iced the PB&J cupcakes. I figured that people who like Peanut Butter really like Peanut Butter, so I decided to top the PB cupcakes with a PB frosting, and added a dollop of Jam to the centre. Peanut Butter lovers, this one’s for you.



Last came the Devil’s Food Doggies. I made up a thick chocolate ganache (the one that took forever to set) and spread it on top of each cupcake. Then I added all the candy features to make an adorable (and delicious) doggy!

They had ears but they kept falling off so I just ditched them. They look a bit like a cross between bunnies and cats… HA better figure out the ears for next time!


I’d say the PupCakes were the biggest hit! I topped the Carrot and Chicken PupCakes with all-natural yogurt ‘icing’ and crushed up dog bone ‘sprinkles’ and the dogs went crazy over them!!

There’s nothing better than seeing a happy puppy 🙂

Overall it was a really good week at the market, and I already have some ideas for next week!

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