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Best Smelling Kitchen EVER!

August 9, 2011

My kitchen has never ever smelled this good, EVER.

I am so happy with this week’s flavours 🙂

I started with Shirley Temple, and I’m loving how they turned out!!


I filled the cupcake batter with Sprite, lime juice and Grenadine until it tasted just like a Shirley Temple, and it tastes JUST like a Shirley Temple! And tomorrow I’ll make a delicious Shirley Temple icing out of Sprite, lime juice and Grenadine.


Next I made up the Apple Cinnamon cupcakes. These ones might just be my favourite, they are SO good!


Mmmmmm just look at them!! With some yummy cinnamon-brown sugar frosting they’ll be even better.



Next came PB&J. I was worried they would taste too much like a sandwich and not enough like a delicious CosiCake, but they actually turned out really well! I decided to go with a Peanut Butter Batter, and tomorrow I’ll add the Peanut Butter and Jam frosting.



Last came the Devil’s Food Cupcake! They are SO chocolatey and moist and yummy. Tomorrow I’m going to add a rich chocolate ganache and then decorate them to look like doggies for Dog Day!

Speaking of which, I gave my German Shepherd a PupCake to try out and it was pretty funny. She sat and stared at it for awhile, not really sure what to do with it. Unsure of it’s level of safety, she started to lick it. Once she decided it was safe, she gobbled it up like a little piggy and begged for another. The second time she skipped the interrogation and dove right in. So Portuguese Water Dogs and German Shepherds seem to like my PupCakes, and tomorrow I’ll do a final test on my Yellow Lab before serving them to all the Inglewood pups! Dogs of surrounding areas are welcome too!!

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