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Inglewood Market Week 5 – Prep Cont’d

July 27, 2011

I’m all ready for the market! And I’m loving the weather, it’s nice out but not too hot with a solid breeze! An excellent market day!


I started with the Nutella cupcakes. I originally wanted to alter my favourite chocolate icing to make the Nutella icing, but I didn’t want the chocolate to overpower the hazelnut so instead I took my favourite creamy white icing and added a LOT of Nutella!! It was so thick and hazelnutty that I had a really hard time piping it!

But man, it was worth it.

They are good.


Next I iced the Pink Lemonade cupcakes to make them look like Watermelons!

I sent a photo of the finished cupcakes to my boyfriend and he didn’t understand what they were… So I’m thinking I need to work on my watermelon cupcakes a bit more… šŸ˜›


THESE cupcakes need no more work! Ohmygosh they smell gooood. I iced the cupcakes with a cinnamon-brown sugar icing, and they’re delicious.

Originally I wanted to pipe the icing on, but as I was piping the first one I was holding it on a bit of an angle and the icing fell right off!! The cinnamon-brown sugar mixture I sprinkled on top of the batter before I baked them didn’t get completely absorbed into the cupcakes, so there was nothing for the icing to hold on to! So I spread the icing and the leftover cinnamon and brown sugar just mixed in with the icing. It isn’t going anywhere now!

I actually like them better with the spread icing. They look more like cinnamon rolls this way!


Last I did my Worms & Dirt cupakes!

I spread on some icing and dipped them into cookie crumbs. Mmmmm dirt.

Then I added the worms! Mmmmm worms.


So, kids, stop eating that real dirt and come have some delicious cupcake dirt!

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