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Cinnamon, Lemon & Chocolate

July 26, 2011

My kitchen smells like a mix between cinnamon, lemon and chocolate.


I started with my fudgey chocolate cupcakes. These are going to look fabulous covered in worms and dirt!!



Next I made the Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes!

I started with a yummy white batter with a hint of vanilla.

I put a small amount of the vanilla batter into the cups, and sprinkled it with a cinnamon brown sugar mix. Then I added a second layer of vanilla batter and a second sprinkle of cinnamon brown sugar!


I’m excited about these ones!! I’ll add a creamy white cinnamon frosting tomorrow to finish them off.


Next came Nutella! I made chocolatey-hazelnutty cupcakes and tomorrow I’m going to core them and add a Nutella centre, and a delicious Nutella icing!



Last came the Raspberry Lemonade cupcakes!

I’m a total doofus and forgot to buy raspberries. How can you make Raspberry Lemonade cupcakes without raspberries?!


So now they’re just Lemonade cupcakes… Let’s all just pretend that was the plan the whole time.

I tinted the lemon batter pink so they’d look more like Watermelons once decorated! These are going to be so fresh and fruity, I think they’ll be an awesome summer cupcake!

Now I’m off to Bulk Barn to buy some gummy worms and mini M&M’s. Think Bulk Barn will let me pick out only the brown M&M’s for my watermelon cupcakes? Perhaps I’ll need to be sneaky. Or maybe I’ll just buy SO much candy that they couldn’t possibly get mad at me! Yes. I think I’ll go with that plan.

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