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June 28, 2011

I’ve been baking since 11am, and 120 cupcakes later, I’m FINISHED!

Well, I still have to ice them all… But I’ll do that tomorrow. At least I’m done the baking!

I’ve decided to sell my cupcakes at a market in Inglewood every Wednesday afternoon, so I’ve spent the day preparing.


I started with my favourite: S’mores!

I made yet another change this time, to make it even more like S’mores.  Although I love the chocolate-y goodness of the cupcakes, the chocolate overpowered all of the other flavours.

Before adding cocoa to the batter, I decided to split the batter in half and add graham cracker crumbs to one half and cocoa to the other half. Then I put a spoonful of the graham cracker batter in the baking cups, sprinkled in the brown sugar graham cracker mixture, put in a half marshmallow, then covered it all with the chocolate batter.

Mmmmmm s’mores. Tomorrow I’ll add the chocolate icing!


Next I made some Red Velvet cupcakes.

With about a litre of red food colouring I made some pretty awesome looking cupcakes! I love them. The colour is awesome. Tomorrow I add some cream cheese frosting!

In my last post I wrote about some new ideas for cupcakes. One idea was a Mint Chocolate Brownie cupcake, which I decided to try!

Unfortunately, they didn’t work out as well as I had hoped. The brownie recipe I used usually makes amazing brownies, but the problem is they are very soft and moist, so they weren’t a good base for the cupcake.

It looked as if the brownie evaporated from under the cupcake batter!! Next time I’ll need to use a thicker brownie recipe, and see how that works.

Once I discovered that the Mint-Chocolate Brownie cupcakes were a dud, I decided to try again. But this time I just used chocolate cake batter, no brownie. I added mint chocolate chips to the batter, and tomorrow I will add and White Chocolate Mint icing.

Last, I decided to make my White Chocolate Raspberry cupcakes, filled with big white chocolate chunks. Yummy!

So, if anyone is in the Caledon area tomorrow around 3:30pm, feel free to stop by the Inglewood Market, right beside the general store! I promise, it’ll be worth it.

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