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Peanut Butter Candy Bars

May 14, 2011

I love that the internet is full of amazing recipes! I stumbled upon a recipe for a peanut butter candy bar a couple days ago, and I just had to try it out!!!

I got the inspiration from Betty Crocker, and with a few tweaks I think the bars turned out pretty well!

Because the recipe is from Betty Crocker, they suggest using lots of Betty Crocker ingredients. This is good because it makes the recipe very easy to make, but changing a few things here and there might make the bars even better!

It calls for Betty Crocker peanut butter cookie mix to create the base, but I suggest making the base from scratch. That way, you can alter the recipe to your specific tastes and it tastes more peanut butter-y, which is better!!

(I also suggest setting timers while baking the peanut butter cookie base… because it’s easy to get distracted while making the next layer!)

The layer of filling I followed the recipe closely, except I used golden corn syrup instead of light. I figured the more intense caramel flavour would go well with the bar… Plus, the store didn’t have any light corn syrup left… so we’ll see!


The caramel layer was fun to make. I bought way more caramels than I needed, so I unwrapped one for the melting pot,  one for me, and repeated until I had my 14oz of caramels melting in the pot, and had almost as many in my tummy! I used a bit more than 14oz of caramels, just because I love caramel and wanted a nice thick layer! I also left out the peanuts and added in some melted peanut butter as well as some crushed Skor bits! Kraft caramels aren’t my favourite, but they were all I could find and I didn’t have time to wander the city hunting for caramels!

For the chocolate top layer I again added more chocolate than called for, because I wanted a nice thick top layer! I also added in a few crushed Skor bits to make it all extra sweet!

I haven’t tried them yet, they’re sitting in the refrigerator waiting to be enjoyed at a birthday party tomorrow! I can’t wait to try them, and I’ll add updates with some photos once they’ve been cut up and tasted!

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