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Royal Treats!

April 30, 2011

WOW! Kate and Will’s wedding cakes look amazing!! I’m not going to lie, Will’s McVitie’s cake looks more delicious to me…. I’m a sucker for chocolate!!

The royals aren’t the only ones who get to enjoy delicious treats because of the wedding. The world seems to have gone crazy over this wedding, coming out with Will and Kate-themed cereals, mints, shortbread, coffees, cakes and Pez Dispensers! You know you’ve made it big when you become a Pez Dispenser…

Holt Renfrew came out with a few special Royal-Themed treats of their own!

This is a commemorative box filled with delicious chocolates!

There were three types of chocolates inside: Solid milk chocolate disks, milk chocolate crowns and dark chocolate crowns.

So festive, and SO yummy!!!

I’m a little sad that the wedding is over… No more scones and crown chocolates for me!

Oooh maybe they’ll develop some election-themed sweets?! I’d eat Conservative Cookies and Liberal Licorice!!

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