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Paris: Day One!

April 21, 2011

Well, today was my first day in Paris! And it was AMAZING!!

Our flight left Toronto last night at 9:30pm, and arrived in Paris at 4:30am, or 10:30am Paris time. I hardly got a solid hour of sleep during the flight, but I had to get over that pretty quickly as we had a date with a shopping guide as soon as we made it to our hotel.

While waiting for our guide we stopped in de Neuville Chocolat Français, and simply HAD to buy a little treat!


We were attracted to this one in particular because the chicken plate was just too cute!! We were not disappointed by the chocolate, either. It was amazing! Each piece was different, filled with different toffees and chocolates and caramels, so sweet and salty. Mmmm!

After we bought the chicken and sampled a few of his chocolate eggs, it was time to meet up with our guide. It was amazing. The girl, Adelaine Marchand, was born and raised in Le Marais, and she knew of all the unique shops and boutiques that were hidden away. Adeline also studied History in university so she knew all about the many buildings in Paris. It was such a good way to see and shop Paris, and I highly recommend using her if you’re ever in the neighborhood!

At the end of the tour Adelaine took us to a little hole-in-the-wall bakery owned by Swedish sisters. We each got a piece of cake, one rhubarb, one carrot, and one strawberry.


Each one was SO good, but my favorite was definitely the strawberry! It was so light and fluffy, with a sweet powdered sugar topping. Definitely gave me some inspiration for a new cupcake…

As the afternoon was winding to an end, my mom and I figured we should go back to the hotel and freshen up before dinner. On our way home, however, we stumbled upon Amorino Gelato. I was told that this gelato was not only delicious, but was also shaped in the cone like a flower, so we had to stop in!


Not being able to decide on a flavour we went for three: tiramisu, chocolate and vanilla. We also decided to forgo the cone because it was SO hot out that all the cones around us were melting. Needless to say, the gelato was amazing. I think our flavour combination helped, as each flavour complimented the others. The vanilla was definitely my favourite. It was such an intense yet smooth flavour, oh it was so good!!

We finished off the day by going to the Ralph Lauren restaurant. Very Parisian, huh? Oh well. The dessert, although not French, was delicious!! We got the hot fudge brownie, and it was amazing. Unfortunately we guzzled it down before I managed to take a photo, but I can tell you that it was a zillion times more delicious than it looked, which is saying a lot, because it looked darn delicious…

Overall it was a pretty successful (and sweet) first day in Paris!

Now it’s time to try to get some sleep.

It won’t help that it’s only 6:25pm back in Toronto, and that we’ve eaten enough sugar today for an army…

Goodnight, and stay tuned for more delicious updates!

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